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Rescue Me 22 South Miller Rescue this abandoned building in the

Rescue Me 22 South Miller Rescue this abandoned building in the


22 South Miller Newburgh NY

Rescue Me: 104 Renwick Street Old Bricks, Brick Building, Iron Work, Haunted

Rescue Me: 191 South St Brick Building, Haunted Places, Abandoned Houses, Restoration

19-02-02-00344D026Angie(m)(male)ID: 19-02-02-00344

19-01-25-00091D028Silly Millie(f)(female)ID: 19-01-25-00091

18-12-19-00028D036Devlyn(f)(female)ID: 18-12-19-00028

18-06-04-00227D099Lola(f)(female)ID: 18-06-04-00227

19-01-17-00362D099Brooks(f)(female)ID: 19-01-17-00362

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22 South Miller Newburgh NY... Abandoned Houses, Highlands, Cornwall, Decay

19-01-22-00533D074**LANA(f)(female)ID: 19-01-22-00533

Rescue Me: 33 Lander St Newburgh NY... Abandoned Property, Abandoned Buildings

19-01-22-00267D099Woody(m)(male)ID: DM1901002

19-01-15-00144D013Moose(m)(male)ID: 19-01-15-00144

19-01-22-00260D147Maggie(f)(female)ID: 19-01-22-00260

18-12-30-00397D074***WIGGLES(f)(female)ID: 18-12-30-00397

19-01-22-00526D074Ember(f)(female)ID: 19-01-22-00526

18-12-02-00399D036Domino(m)(male)ID: 18-12-02-00399

19-01-22-00275D092Rex(m)(male)ID: DM1901005

Newburgh literally has hundreds of dilapidated and abandoned buildings just begging for someone to come scoop them up and restore them.

19-01-17-00358D099Dolly(f)(female)ID: 19-01-17-00358

19-01-08-00239D031Miller(m)(male)ID: 26265

19-01-22-00447D025Moxi(f)(female)ID: 19-2457

19-01-02-00446D099Janet(f)(female)ID: 19-01-02-00446

19-01-09-00093D099Rosie(f)(female)ID: 19-01-09-00093

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19-01-08-00167D026Stella(f)(female)ID: 2332

19-01-22-00408D122BARNARD & CLYDE(m)(male)ID: 19-01-22-00408

19-01-22-00442D168Archie(m)(male)ID: 19-2454

19-01-22-00460D127Donnie(m)(male)ID: 19-2462

19-01-22-00472D168BamBam(m)(male)ID: 19-01-22-00472

19-01-25-00478D031Rosie(f)(female)ID: 19-01-25-00478

19-01-22-00522D013Remmy(m)(male)ID: 1892

19-01-22-00244D099Peep(f)(female)ID: DF1901006

19-01-22-00478D147Mace(m)(male)ID: 19-01-22-00478

19-01-28-00078D134Carty(f)(female)ID: 19-01-28-00078

18-12-01-00143D099Mia(f)(female)ID: 18-12-01-00143

19-01-22-00278D159Seamus(m)(male)ID: 19-01-22-00278

19-01-22-00207D054JAMIE(m)(male)ID: 1526

18-12-09-00093D127Reese's(m)(male)ID: 18-12-09-00093

19-01-22-00215D048Bella and chloe(f)(female)ID: 19-01-22-00215

A person holding a harness. Photo: The rescue ...

19-01-01-00388D099Dean Gene(m)(male)ID: 19-01-01-00388

19-01-01-00065D006(m)(male)ID: 19-01-01-00065

19-01-23-00453D099Bailey(f)(female)ID: 19-01-23-00453

19-01-15-00179D080ROCKY(m)(male)ID: 19-01-15-00179

19-01-27-00316D011Copper(m)(male)ID: 19-01-27-00316

18-09-27-00021D122Lala(f)(female)ID: 18-09-27-00021

19-01-22-00083D122Audrey(f)(female)ID: 19-01-22-00083

19-01-22-00253D122chloe(f)(female)ID: 19-01-22-00253

19-01-22-00034D074Tanya(f)(female)ID: 00034

19-01-19-00345D074Sugar(f)(female)ID: 19-01-19-00345

19-01-04-00467D122Arwen(f)(female)ID: https://beautiesandbeasts.org/adopt/our-

18-12-22-00080D074JR(m)(male)ID: 18-12-22-00080

19-01-15-00180D122BELLA(f)(female)ID: 19-01-15-00180

19-01-07-00492D074Dolly Pearl(f)(female)ID: 19-01-07-00492

18-04-06-00228D036Boomer(m)(male)ID: 18-04-06-00228

19-01-05-00032D040Bunny(f)(female)ID: https://beautiesandbeasts.org/adopt/our-

19-01-27-00178D134Chloe May(f)(female)ID: 0330

19-01-03-00084D017Bentley(m)(male)ID: 19-01-03-00084

19-01-26-00382D126Foxy Angel(f)(female)ID: 19-01-26-00382

19-01-03-00149D016Dale(m)(male)ID: 19-01-03-00149

19-01-06-00279D099Eleanor(f)(female)ID: DF1808010

18-12-23-00135D099Sadie Mae(f)(female)ID: 18-12-23-00135

19-01-06-00130D161(m)(male)ID: 19-01-06-00130

19-01-04-00471D122Badger(m)(male)ID: https://beautiesandbeasts.org/adopt/our-

A view of the Amundsen–Scott Station in 2009. In the foreground is Destination

19-01-26-00013D040Winnie(f)(female)ID: 19-01-26-00013

18-12-06-00315D071Bailey (female)(f)(female)ID: 39999591

18-12-30-00395D108**MOOCHE(m)(male)ID: 18-12-30-00395

18-12-16-00315D099Scooby(m)(male)ID: 18-12-16-00315

18-12-05-00152D122Baby(f)(female)ID: 18-12-05-00152

19-01-16-00195D036Twizzle(f)(female)ID: 19-01-16-00195

19-01-10-00109D054Callie(f)(female)ID: 19-01-10-00109

19-01-23-00086D036Owen(m)(male)ID: 19-01-23-00086

19-01-20-00449D134Max(f)(female)ID: 19-01-20-00449

After three months of much turmoil, accusations, threats and despair from the rest of the family, I finally was pointed to the Rescue Me site.

18-12-28-00126D036Darcie(f)(female)ID: 18-12-28-00126

19-01-20-00409D028***JUDE(m)(male)ID: 19-01-20-00409

18-12-18-00093D041Spazz(m)(male)ID: 18-12-18-00093

19-01-14-00073D122Haney(m)(male)ID: 19-01-14-00073

We had a wonderful experience rehoming our Shepherd using Rescue Me! We got responses so quickly and were able to find him the perfect family within a ...

19-01-11-00359D118abbi(f)(female)ID: 19-01-11-00359

A million thank you's for Rescue Me! You helped me find Sigh, this magnificent Shepherd, a home so quickly, it barely hurt! Vickie and Ron, I know you will ...

19-01-10-00174D099(f)(female)ID: 19-01-10-00174

19-01-06-00198D045(f)(female)ID: 19-01-06-00198

19-01-20-00344D048Jack Jack(m)(male)ID: 19-01-20-00344

19-01-11-00373D134Zeke(m)(male)ID: 19-01-11-00373

19-01-29-00230D122Maggie(f)(female)ID: 19-01-29-00230

19-01-10-00516D122Gabe(m)(male)ID: https://beautiesandbeasts.org/adopt/our-

19-01-21-00429D011Captain(m)(male)ID: 19-01-21-00429

Rescue Me is wonderful and gave me a lot of support to find Diesel a home. I also found an elderly shelter dog a good home!

19-01-06-00219D159Duke(m)(male)ID: 19-01-06-00219

19-01-01-00245D048Elmo(m)(male)ID: 19-01-01-00245

19-01-05-00414D122Theo von(m)(male)ID: 19-01-05-00414

19-01-04-00159D122Blu(m)(male)ID: 19-01-04-00159

19-01-13-00290D122Penny(f)(female)ID: 19-01-13-00290

18-09-05-00353D122Ryder(m)(male)ID: 121. Pit Bull mix. mom is a rescue ...

18-12-15-00149D105Apollo Duke(m)(male)ID: 18-12-15-00149

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22 South Miller Newburgh NY

before and after: a rowhouse gets rehabbed by habitat for humanity

Rescue Me: 191 South St Brick Building, Haunted Places, Abandoned Houses, Restoration

Abandoned gingerbread house in Newburgh, NY.

Rescue Me: 104 Renwick Street Old Bricks, Brick Building, Iron Work, Haunted

Abandoned church near Tampa, Florida.

Newburgh Restoration | Leading the revitalization of Newburgh, NY | Page 5

Abandoned rowhome, abandoned brick home, abandoned architecture, restore me, old home love

Abandoned and Vacant Newburgh Buildings.

22 South Miller Newburgh NY... Abandoned Houses, Highlands, Cornwall, Decay

Rescue Me: 33 Lander St Newburgh NY... Abandoned Property, Abandoned Buildings

This building is located right at the corner of City Terrace and Broadway. Although work appears to have started, this is still a rescue me building since ...

Rescue Me: 18 Liberty Street...Newburgh NY, 60 miles north of

Abandoned Buildings, Newburgh NY. Newburgh is New York State's second largest historic district after

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18-09-22-00076D034Rocky(m)(male)ID: 18-09-22-00076

19-01-22-00533D074**LANA(f)(female)ID: 19-01-22-00533

19-01-22-00408D122BARNARD & CLYDE(m)(male)ID: 19-01-22-00408

19-01-22-00472D168BamBam(m)(male)ID: 19-01-22-00472

19-01-08-00239D031Miller(m)(male)ID: 26265

Epic Animal Rescue added 3 new photos.

Abandoned: The villages have been abandoned over the years by their residents, and this. +22

19-01-22-00207D054JAMIE(m)(male)ID: 1526

19-01-22-00275D092Rex(m)(male)ID: DM1901005

19-01-22-00447D025Moxi(f)(female)ID: 19-2457

19-01-22-00442D168Archie(m)(male)ID: 19-2454

19-01-22-00478D147Mace(m)(male)ID: 19-01-22-00478

19-01-22-00460D127Donnie(m)(male)ID: 19-2462

19-01-22-00218D099Buzz(m)(male)ID: DM1901004

19-01-22-00444D168Jughead(m)(male)ID: 19-2455

19-01-22-00522D013Remmy(m)(male)ID: 1892

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